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Ecollution solves various pollution issues (e.g. relating to mineral oils) in soil and water by using already in nature occurring Archaea bacteria. Cheaper, quicker and sustainable!




Water bovenkantsmal

Within Ecollution Water we optimise cleaning processes in the wastewater chain; a sustainable solution with an economic plus! We use the power of nature.

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Calimteit bovenkantsmal

Ecollution Calamities offers ‘on the spot’ solutions for small and large-scale incidents with mineral oils. Cheap, quick and sustainable solution!

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Grond bovenkantsmal

Ecollution Soil engages in cleaning soil pollution on site. No costly excavations, environmentally friendly and efficient!

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Oil eating bacteria: the solution!



The Ecollution solution:


We clean up pollution quickly and in a sustainable, effective and efficient way for both people and the environment.

We advise and support our relations honestly and effectively in a way that shows our passion and knowledge from our daily practices and we guide the execution of the work professionally and decisively. To be a nationally and internationally energetic company we have linked up with various local strategical networks.


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... Groundwater Technology
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In big parts of Europe Ecollution is the preferred supplier of the Archaea primal bacteria. In cooperation with local parties we can also solve your problem abroad.